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We have a personal connection with the children, mothers, and families we meet in the field. Each one of them has a personal story they want to  share with all of us.

John from Merida



John lives in a small village in Philippines, Merida. Everyday he had to wake up early  and walk miles to the nearest lake to get unsafe water for his family drink and cook with. Now that John’s family has a portable water filter, John can spend more time on his school work and with his family instead of collecting unsafe water.

Max- The Driver


What a coincidence! We had the opportunity to meet Max as soon as we arrived in Tacloban Philippines for our Typhoon Haiyan Relief effort. Max was our local scooter driver and he and his family were affected by the typhoon. Max’s family was devastated without safe drinking water. Everyday, he or his wife had to walk miles to get tap water from a well that was unsafe to drink from. He told us that his family were praying everyday for help from the government and relief organizations but it never happened. We were touched by Max’s story.  We treated Max to dinner, bought food for him and his family, and provided him with a water filter for his family to use. Max said that day was his lucky day and extremely thankful!

Haiyan Survivor



During our relief effort we met Jen, a Typhoon Haiyan survivor at a local supermarket in Ormoc, Philippines. Jen and her family experienced the horror of the typhoon first hand and they were lucky they survived. She shared with us the story of how the typhoon struck her home and thanked God that her family survived.

Abandoned Children



We had an opportunity to meet four wonderful children on the street while we were on lunch break during our Typhoon Haiyan Relief Effort. These poor abandoned kids were walking around the restaurant while no one cared. We were curious as to why they were on the street alone without their parents or adult supervision. We found out that the their answer that their dad died in the storm and and their mom abandoned them. They had to live near the garbage, eat trash, drink dirty water, and struggle to survive each day. Their story left us in tears.  We bought food and drinks for the children and fed them until they were stuffed! Then we spent quality times the children and gave them some money before we left.

Meet Jose



We went to several remote areas in Merida, Philippines and distributed 4 portable water filters to several small villages in Merida. Now, over 400 people include Jose from the village will have access to clean water for at least 5 years. They don’t have to drink rain water or unsafe water from lake anymore.

Aquaheru Empowers Kids


AQUAHERU, the “Superhero for Water” visited many schools in rural areas of Philippines to engage, empower, and educate students about importance of clean water. The were extremely excited and they love their new superhero.  AQUAHERU Foundation has successfully provided access to clean, safe drinking water to at least 8,000 students at 75 elementary schools in rural areas.

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