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Our Story

The organization’s founders- Jimmy Tran and Long Tran have experienced many horrors of not having access to clean drinking water at a very young age. With the lack of access to clean water, we’d become very ill, with dysentery, dehydration, and infections from parasites while we were growing up.

We were born and raised in a small town of Bau Ham, Vietnam. Our family was very poor, back then our mother would have to walk miles each day just to collect water for our home. She struggled with the heavy containers that were being lifted on her shoulders each and every day. I still remember the face of my beloved mother, who was exhausted, but still quite content because her children would be safe and happy.  Our mother knew that our whole family would depend on these gallons of water for cooking and drinking. Even though the water was not safe to drink, we had no other option besides consuming it. Every now and then, one of us would get really sick from drinking the water.

Growing up in Bau Ham, Vietnam, a non-developed, poor and rural part of the country, we understand and have a strong personal connection to our homeland. We know exactly how it was like to live without clean water. Since moving to the United States, we just simply can’t turn our backs on those who are less fortunate than us. We know what it was like and how difficult it was to endure the sickness.

In November of 2013, AQUAHERU Foundation was established with the purpose to bring safe drinking water to children in areas of the greatest need and to educate people with the importance of the global water crisis. We have come up with a solution.

Our solutions to the water crisis are simple and effective. First, we will be using a portable water filter. The portable water filter will help many rural areas to have safe clean drinking water. The device is portable, long lasting, inexpensive, and very easy to install. One portable water filter costs on an average of $50 USD, which can provide a minimum of 100 people with safe drinking water for up to five years. The filter can be used up to 1 million gallon of water, and remove 99.999% of bacteria, such as protozoan. 

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